Solar Heat

European Industry obtaining heat from solar Energy is committed to actively participate in Green Recovery. After approval of the package of remedial action by the European Council earlier in July, the industry of heating and cooling produced based on solar energy submitted its declaration, committing to actively participate in the ecological revival of Green Recovery and calling for action from policymakers in Europe.

The European solar heat industry has reached a joint commitment to submit a declaration for the green recovery package - Green Recovery. “We want to show that Europe's solar energy industry is ready to contribute to the economic recovery that is fit for purpose continent in terms of energy and climate, ”said Pedro Dias, Secretary-General of Solar Heat Europe. Over the past decades, our sector has contributed to a sustainable green transition. We, therefore, welcome this strong commitment from EU leaders, ”added Dias, referring to the agreement reached on the historic European Council meeting, in which the Green Recovery recovery package was adopted.

In an industry declaration signed by a group of over 150 companies and organizations from over 20 European countries are committed to:

  • Promoting a multi-technology approach to heat supply and cooling
  • Introducing new solutions to the market in the field of decentralized, secure, decarbonised heat supply and its storage
  • Increasing the positive export balance of the sector of obtaining heat from solar energy
  • Intensify research and development activities
  • Support the goals of a sustainable economy based on the efficient use of available resources

"Keeping these promises going will require some commitment and support from the public sector”, states Costas Travasaros, president of Solar Heat Europe. “Therefore, we present also a call to action, urging governments to implement necessary measures, such as phased and consistently moving away from the use of fossil fuels and providing support to consumers to make them choose efficient solutions based on the use of renewable energy sources ".

According to the Association of Producers and Importers of Heating Devices (SPIUG) and the environment working towards the development of obtaining heat from renewable sources “The next 10 years will be crucial for the transformation and decarbonisation of the heating market, as by 2030 we will need zero-emission heating systems in residential construction, commercial and industrial as all new heating systems installed will likely to continue to operate later in 2050. “We need quick action and take into account solar heating and cooling in the restart and development package plan economy in the EU countries, including Poland, where there is a high potential for the implementation of such activities ".

Referring to the National Recovery Plans that will be submitted to the European Commission in next October. “We as SPIUG are ready to contribute to this discussion by presenting ideas, proposals and a strong commitment from our sector ”. About warmth and coolness derived from solar Energy Solar heating and cooling, often referred to as Solar Thermal, are well-known technology that captures solar energy in the form of heat. This technology is commonly used for residential needs such as space heating and hot water preparation drinking water, as well as for use in commercial and industrial facilities. In Europe, more than 10 million solar thermal systems are installed. Solar energy is part of the solution to tackle the climate crisis by limiting gradually use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling, avoiding in 2018 alone 6.8 Mt CO2 equivalent. Estimated total heat production in heating systems and solar-based refrigeration systems operating in Europe corresponds to 25.6 TWhth. This corresponds to the total year-round heat demand of Cyprus and Estonia. as regards o economic aspects, the sector of heating and cooling based on the use of radiation Solar had a combined turnover of € 1.85 billion in 2018, employing around 18,800 people.

Most thermal solar systems are used to prepare hot water although there are also large systems that power industrial processes or networks heating. The largest of these systems, operating in the city of Silkeborg in Denmark, achieves stunning 110 MWth peak power, which is due to the installation of 156,000 sqm of solar collectors.

About Solar Heat Europe / ESTIF

Solar Heat Europe / ESTIF's mission is to prioritize and accept solar heat as a key element of sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and work to implement all necessary steps to exploit the high potential of solar heat. Bringing together members from over 15 European countries, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly more than 90% of the industry along the entire value chain of the industry. Solar Heat Europe also ensures that solar heat technology develops and grows in Europe through various activities such as the provision of information and statistics on the sector or by dissemination better regulation or encouraging EU policymakers to shape an enabling environment for heating and cooling technology. 

About the Association of Producers and Importers of Heating Devices 

The Association of Producers and Importers of Heating Equipment has been operating in Poland for 15 years an industry organization for producers of heating devices and elements of heating installations representing over 30 leading domestic and foreign brands actively operating as also producing in Poland, representing over 90% of the market in some segments.

One of the goals that SPIUG set itself at the beginning of its activity is the development of modern one's heating techniques, where, in the face of possible restrictions in the consumption of gas, oil or coal, associated companies at SPIUG, they must think about renewable energy sources (RES) and develop investors' interest in them and industry specialists. Another of the goals of SPIUG is the substantive influence on shaping the environment legal regulations for the installation and heating industry, operating "beyond divisions".

SPIUG as an actively operating Polish organization in the installation and heating industry cannot be isolated and uses the experiences of others, and also shares Polish experiences, in contacts with global organizations such as Solar Heat Europe or EHI (Association of European Heating Industry) in which he is an active member.